Condensed Milk Recipe

Condensed Milk Recipe

There are a countless number of times when I wanted to make a recipe but I didn’t have one ingredient; condensed milk. This was until I realized that it can be made at home, and it’s likely healthier because you are aware of all the ingredients that go into the making. After trying out different ways, I’ve come up with one method that works the best to ensure that you’ll get thick, creamy, sweet condensed milk that can be used in any recipe that calls for condensed milk. 

This simple recipe only requires three simple ingredients which you’re likely to have at home; milk, baking soda, and sugar. The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it can be made vegan! (plant based condensed milk may be difficult to find) and it can also be made with any type of milk regardless of the percentage of fat.

Condensed Milk Recipe:


– 2 cups milk (any type of milk would work)

-1/2 cup granulated sugar 

-1/4 tsp baking soda 


1. In a heavy bottom saucepan, add the milk and sugar, then bring to a boil on a high flame. 

2. Stir frequently and cook for about 10 minutes. Turn the heat down to low, then add the baking soda. There should be bubbles forming in the mixture.

3.  Cook on low for 30 minutes, or until the mixture thickens slightly and the color changes to a pale yellow. 

4. Allow to cool completely before using. The mixture will thicken more while it’s cooling.


This recipe will make 1 cup (8 oz) of condensed milk

Addition of Baking Soda

Adding baking soda to the milk and sugar will set off a chemical reaction with the proteins and sugar, allowing the mixture to develop a thicker, darker consistency.

Any type of milk works

Regardless of the fat content, any type of milk will work in this recipe. I used 2% milk (low fat content) and it works as well. 

Nut milk and other plant-based milk will work as well

Condensed Milk vs Evaporated Milk

Condensed milk is caramelized and includes sugar, while evaporated milk is unsweetened with no sugar content. Both milks are cooked over heat to lower the amount of water.

What is condensed milk

Sweetened condensed milk has a rich, sweet caramelized flavor. It’s widely used in baking for sweet confectionaries. It is typically cow’s milk where the water content is removed.

Here are some of my favorite recipes using condensed milk:

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