Cake Flour Recipe

Cake Flour Recipe

Every time I make cakes and cupcakes, I make sure to use cake flour to ensure that I get the fluffiest and most tender texture. It takes no more than 2 minutes to make, and it makes all the difference when baking. 

Makes 1 cup of Cake Flour


-1 cup all-purpose flour 

-2 tablespoons corn starch


1. In a bowl, add the all-purpose flour, then remove two tablespoons of it and put it back in the container.

2. Add the cornstarch and mix the two ingredients together.

3. Sift the mixture two times and use in any recipes that call for cake flour.


Using corn starch

Cake flour has corn starch because it shares the liquids with the flour, allowing the development of gluten to ease and giving the cake a tender texture overall.

Sifting the mixture

By sifting the flour, the cakes and cupcakes will become less dense and more fluffy. When flour is packaged, it’s more compact; sifting it allows the flour to become lighter and less compact.

Recipes using Cake Flour:

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