Butter Substitutes

Butter Substitutes

Butter is basically an essential for every single baked good recipe. I mean, the more butter, the more better right? The melting point of butter is below body temperature which allows the food to be able to melt in your mouth. However, even though it’s an incredibly delicious ingredient and basically necessary to get the perfect baked good, it’s one of the most unhealthy ingredients that you can put into any recipe. Which is why this article will allow you to replace the butter with some healthier options that will still give you incredible results.

Best Butter Replacements

1 cup butter=

1 cup shortening

1 cup vegetable oil

1 cup coconut oil

1 avocado

These replacements will alter the  texture of the baked items; they will give a slightly denser consistency. However, these ingredients can still be used as substitutes.

If you only have a little bit of butter left, you could use a combination of the remaining butter and one of the replacements above. 

Some Recipes To Try:

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